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Our diverse work includes some of the
industry’s most successful whitewater and urban river
restoration projects.

When it comes to rivers, our body of work proves our philosophy: environment, community, and recreation can coexist in harmony. Just look at a few of our projects and you will get a sense of the types of transformation that are possible in your community.

Featured Project:
Boise Whitewater Park

Project details:
After years of neglect, the Boise River was marred by old gravel pits, dump sites, barbed wire and a depleted, hazardous river. Our team designed a whitewater park that transformed the community, the river and the economy. In the process, we repurposed a dangerous diversion dam, mitigated flooding issues, ensured reliable irrigation water for farmers and installed two WaveShapers to create iconic surf and kayak waves 365 days a year.

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Take a run through some of our signature projects. They reflect an extensive array of solutions that balance complex goals and objectives. Our projects are engaging and fun and they get people outside and recreating. We encourage you to visit these projects in person to experience firsthand the authentic, dynamic, innovative nature of our work.

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Redefine What’s Possible

Making your river project vision a reality can be complicated. With McLaughlin Whitewater backing you, it gets a lot simpler.