River Run Park

Sheridan, Colorado


  • Stakeholder and public engagement
  • Visioning and feasibility
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Hydraulic Modeling: Physical model, CFD, 2D, flood modeling
  • Floodplain analysis
  • Permitting support
  • Construction documents
  • Construction phase services

This project transformed a forgotten, unused, single-purpose flood control channel of the Platte River into a regional river park connecting the community to a healthy river. This urban river restoration project has brought about social, environmental, and economic benefits by:

  • Maintaining flood protection
  • Restoring a healthy river
  • Creating diverse recreation & improved safety
  • Providing access to the water’s edge & throughout the corridor
  • Promoting economic development.


With little water in the river most of the year, our design had to push the limits and innovate. Restoration was anchored with a multi-purpose solution: a “creek within the river” that deepened, narrowed and meandered the low-flow channel for better habitat and recreation while allowing flood waters to flow through the broader river channel.

Our recreational design revolutionized low-flow wave performance by creating world-class surf waves with less than half the flow previously thought possible. In addition to the waves, which provide opportunity for diverse recreation, the park also offers trails, restrooms, events space, a playground, viewing areas, “the beach,” and more.

Two innovative surf waves with our patented WaveShaper adjustable wave Technology have revolutionized waves at very low flows.

River Run Park
River Run Park
River Run Park

Key Project Highlights

  • World-class low flows surf and kayak waves using WaveShaper adjustable technology
  • First of its kind park built in a Federal flood control project managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
  • ¾ mile of river restoration, including low flow channel “creek within a river,” fish passage, aquatic & riparian habitat, revegetation, LUNKER fish habitat in partnership with Trout Unlimited
  • Six whitewater features for wave activity & downriver paddling/floating reconnect upstream and downstream reaches as a “water trail”
  • River access trails, put-ins/take-outs, cobble beaches, terraced boulder viewing areas
  • 1-mile of regional trail
  • Trailhead & upland park with restroom, parking, playground, event shelter, access trails, lawn areas, overlooks, and community art

River Run Park

“As public servants, we strive to be stewards of our community’s wellbeing, our environment and tax dollars. River Run Park is an excellent example of balancing all three to deliver a regional attraction to an overlooked and singular use of the South Platte River. By setting a tall vision the design team rose to the challenge developing innovative and multiple beneficial solutions.”

Laura Kroeger, P.E., Executive Director, Mile High Flood District