Meet us at the river

We Connect
People With Rivers

Imagine your river, your community, transformed. A vibrant new business district radiates outward from the restored river with a lush greenway that borders an exhilarating whitewater feature in the heart of your town.

McLaughlin Whitewater designs river parks for diverse users of all ability levels. Our projects are community focused, inclusive to all and can be used by the most people possible.

Iconic Waves
and Whitewater

Ride dynamic waves at any flow that offer exhilarating whitewater for all. Bring family and friends for the music of moving water, to connect with nature and to escape the pace of the digital world.

Water is a force of nature that requires expertise. We lead the industry in the areas of safety, adjustable waves, whitewater, access, multi-purpose infrastructure, and urban river restoration. Our world-class whitewater venues have hosted elite events such as the Olympics and World and National championships.

We Think Beneath
the Surface

McLaughlin is recognized as one of the top urban river restoration firms in America. We strive for resilient rivers and healthy ecosystems with native habitats. What’s good for the river is good for the community and for recreation.

Our body of work proves our philosophy: environment, recreation and community can coexist in harmony.

Safety. Durability.

River design is complex, we simplify the process. McLaughlin Whitewater brings decades of hydraulics and river recreation expertise to urban river restoration. We deliver practical solutions to make projects happen for your river and community.

McLaughlin has a well-honed methodology and process, experience with dozens of river projects, and the technical expertise to engineer and design multi-purpose river infrastructure projects that perform.

Connect with your river.


Transform Your River
and Community

River parks deliver much more than water recreation. They transform communities through social, environmental, and economic benefits that far exceed the costs.

Driven by passion, backed by expertise

We Connect
Communities to Rivers

We create signature, iconic venues with broad recreational and community appeal. We restore rivers to improve their health, revitalize local economies, and reconnect communities.


Launch Your River Project

Translating your river vision into reality can be complicated. With McLaughlin Whitewater backing you, it gets a lot simpler.